Investing in Real Estate is one of the most lucrative and secure investment opportunities you can make for your financial future and retirement.

We work with Toronto’s leading and most trusted realtors. With our in-depth experience and knowledge of the property market, we successfully help our clients make wise property investments, guide them through the process and support them in building a property portfolio that works for them leading up to retirement and beyond.

We specialise in resale real estate, buying pre-construction properties, assignments and on-going property management and can help you decide on the best route of investment for you
and provide you with the support you need every step of the way.

 Over the past twenty years we helped many clients to build their successful portfolio of properties.

My team also offers complete property management, including design improvements and renovations and support and guidance with all aspects of real estate investing.

Over the years, we’ve built up strong relationships and partnered with many industry leading experts, meaning we have an abundance of trusted specialists to hand to cater for all of your needs.

We always have your best interests in mind.


Investing in Canadian Real Estate – Buying Your Perfect House – Complete Property Management.

Investment Guidance

As history has shown property investment has been and is a very lucrative business. The property market moves at a fast pace and to make smart investments and maximize your return, expert knowledge and understanding are essential. There are a number of ways you can profit from real-estate, choosing the correct route and level of support you require from a realtor that you trust is key to building a property portfolio that works for you.


We understand that investing in property while a very exciting prospect comes with associated risks that if not managed correctly can result in losses. When investing your capital, you need to work with a realtor you can trust, who understands your goals and has your best interests at heart. Establishing a real estate portfolio that will work for you leading up to and during your retirement is a lifelong commitment. For this reason, building relationships that are built on mutual trust, understanding and, of course, great capital returns for you the investor, are at the heart of everything we do.
When sourcing properties for our clients, our decisions are ultimately based upon whether we would buy the property ourselves.

We ONLY recommend investment in properties that we believe in.

Knowledge is King

Buying Real Estate is easy, you do not need much knowledge to go and buy a property. If you have the capital ready to spend there are countless properties available to buy that may look like a worthwhile investment on paper but could turn out to be a money pit. Investing in property is just like any other business – it takes time, knowledge and patience to find the right properties for you. A planned and organized search, as well as established connections with builders, can lead to a great income property investment. With our knowledge and experience, we successfully guide buyers with making the right condo purchase and investment decisions.

Invest in the Right Place at the Right Time

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying real estate, the property itself is just one of them. You may find a great property at a great price but if the location is not right, it won’t make the desired return on investment. Thoroughly understanding the local area around the property is essential.
Something else worth considering is properties in up and coming areas, this can be a daunting prospect but with research, you can identify the key signs of an area on the up. These include on-trend businesses moving, major economic developments are brewing and property renovation and construction is underway. Get in there first and you can potentially snap yourself up bargain whose rental and resale value will steadily increase.

Investment Guidance

Job Market

Amenities Available

Crime Rates


Public Transport

Leisure Facilities

Buying Pre-construction Condo

Buying condo during the pre-construction phase can be one of the swiftest and simplest ways to see a return on property investment. Your property will begin to appreciate from the moment you buy it, but there are several things to consider…..

Buying or Selling Assignments

If you are looking to invest in property you will have most likely heard about ‘assignments’. Buying and selling assignments can be very profitable as some of the costs generally associated with buying and selling property do not apply. However, assignments require specialist knowledge as it’s a tricky buying process with several risks involved……

Design, Improvements & Renovations

Maximise your profits. When preparing your property for sale it is essential that the work you undertake is relative to your properties’ potential profit and that you hire professionals and tradesman that are trustworthy, reliable and experts in their field…..

Complete Property Management

Let our team take care of everything for you – finding great tenants and managing rental properties is a time-consuming job. We can do all the challenging work for you while you reap the rewards. We have the knowledge and legal understanding to guide you….