Permanent Residence Cards

A permanent residence card is a special card that shows the holder has received permanent status in Canada. Such cards are for individuals who are permanent residents but are not yet citizens of Canada.

Permanent residents can do many things without possessing a PR card. This includes working, studying, and living anywhere in Canada. However, such permanent residents will need to acquire a PR card if they intend to travel outside Canada.

They are required to produce a PR card along with their passport when they enter Canada via airplane, train, boat, or bus. Individuals who do not possess a PR card will need to apply for a permanent residence travel document instead.

PR card applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements. This includes:

  • Possessing permanent resident status
  • Being physically present in Canada
  • Meeting the residency obligations set by the Government of Canada
  • Not being a Canadian citizen
  • Not being convinced of a PR card offense
  • Not being under effective removal

Permanent residents can apply for a PR card using the following steps:

Step 1: Gathering the Necessary Documents

PR card applicants must first gather the necessary documents described in the Document Checklist for PR card applications.

This includes:

  • Their existing PR card, if applying for a new one
  • Identity document, such as a passport or other travel documents
  • Two photos

Step 2: Completing the PR Card Application

Next, applicants must complete the Permanent Resident Card application. This application includes many personal details and must be fully completed before submission.

The application also includes sections for:

  • Immigration history
  • Personal history
  • Residency obligations
  • State of consent

Applicants who submit incomplete forms or fill out incorrect information will have their application returned or rejected.

Step 3: Paying Necessary Fees

Applicants are then required to pay fees for their application and biometrics (if necessary). These fees are listed below:

  • Application fee: CAN $50
  • Biometrics fee: CAN $85

The above fees must be paid online. Applicants who attempt to pay the fees using other methods will have their application returned.

Step 4: Mailing the Application

Next, applicants must mail their completed application to a case processing centre mentioned on the Government of Canada website.

Step 5: Receive the PR Card

Applicants will then receive an Acknowledge of Receipt in their email. If successful, they will receive their PR card in the mail.

New permanent residents can receive their PR cards in approximately 45 days. Applicants applying to renew their existing PR card may receive theirs in approximately 104 days. Sometimes, there are grounds to request urgent processing of the application. In such case, your PR card will be issued sooner.

Why Choose Us?

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