Provincial Nominee Programs

Prospective immigrants that wish to settle and attain permanent residence status in a specific Canadian province can apply through the Provincial Nominee Program. This program relies on a nomination from the province or territory the applicant wishes to settle in.

Each province and territory in Canada operates its own Provincial Nominee Program. These are designed to meet the province or territory’s specific immigrant requirements.

Each year, the Government of Canada chooses a number of invitations for Provincial Nominee Program applicants This program is popular because it offers a fast route towards Canadian permanent residency. Prospective applicants can apply to any of the numerous provincial nominee programs currently being offered if they meet eligibility requirements.

Each province or territory has its own requirements for provincial nominee program applicants. Prospective immigrants should study the requirements for their chosen province carefully before applying through the program.

Provincial Nominee Program requirements are typically related to:

  • Work experience
  • Language skills
  • Education

Provinces and territories may also possess separate streams in their provincial nominee program for different types of individual such as:

  • Business people
  • Students
  • Skilled workers
  • Semi-skilled workers

Some provinces or territories may have additional requirements. We can help prospective immigrants choose the most suitable provincial nominee program for their background.

Applicants that wish to apply for the Provincial Nominee Program using the Express Entry System can follow two routes:

Express Entry PNP Method 1

The applicant must contact the province or territory and express interest in applying for a nomination through their Express Entry stream. If the province agrees to nominate the applicant, they can create an Express Entry profile and prove that they have been nominated.

Express Entry PNP Method 2

The applicant must first create an Express Entry Profile and show provinces and territories that they are interested. If a province or territory reciprocates the interest, they will send a “notification of interest” to the Express Entry account. The applicant can then contact them directly and apply through their express entry stream. Successful applicants will receive a nomination through account and must accept it electronically.

Applicants can apply for a Provincial Nominee Program using a paper-based process that is independent of the Express Entry System.

Applications must first apply for a nomination from the province or territory they intend to live in. This application must be through a non-Express Entry stream. They must then meet eligibility requirements for the province or territory that has nominated them.

After receiving a nomination, applicants must submit a paper-based application for permanent resident status. This application must be sent to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Applicants must then complete a police check and medical exam.

Why Choose Us?

We offer services to help prospective immigrants settle in Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program. We understand the various requirements for each stream and can guide applicants through this process. Please contact us to learn more about this program and its requirements.

Our difference is that our principal Immigration Consultant, founder of Stein & Lovich Associates Inc., Lilia Merkoulovitch, always personally assesses each case and personally communicates with each client and no application ever gets submitted to the Canadian Immigration Office without her thorough review.

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