Visitor Visas

A visitor visa or a temporary resident visa is an official document that allows visa holders to enter Canada. Travellers from most countries require this visa in their passport to enter Canada.

Most visitor visas allow visitors to stay in Canada for up to 6 months. However, the border services officer that completes the visitor’s entry may allow them to stay for longer or less time. This border services officer may also provide a visitor record which indicates the date the visitor must leave Canada by.

Visitors that do not receive a stamp in their passport can stay for 6 months from the day they enter the country, or until their passport expires.

Visitors must meet several requirements to be eligible for a visitor visa. This includes:

  1. Possessing a valid travel document such as a passport.
  2. Being in good health.
  3. Having zero past immigration or criminal convictions
  4. Successfully convincing an immigration office they possess sufficient ties to their home country. This includes family, employment, financial assets, and more.
  5. Possessing enough funds for their stay in Canada. This amount depends on the length of stay and whether they will be residing at a hotel or at a residence.

Some individuals may not be granted visitor visas or be allowed to enter Canada. This is usually if they have been involved with:

  • Human rights violations
  • Criminal activities
  • Organized crimes

In addition to this, some individuals may be denied entry due to health, financial, or security reasons.

Prospective visitors can apply for a visitor visa using the following steps:

Step 1: Determine Eligibility to Enter Canada

Applicants must first determine if they are eligible to enter Canada before applying for a visitor visa.  We can help prospective visitors learn if they are eligible for a visitor visa.

Step 2: Gather the Required Documents

Applicants must then gather the required documents for their Visitor Visa application.

Step 3: Apply Online

Applicants must then complete an online application. This involves creating an account on the Canada Immigration website uploading the required documents, and paying visa application fees.

Step 4: Providing Biometrics

Applicants are then required to provide biometrics. This includes fingerprints and photos. Note that applicants may also be required to pay a biometrics fee that is separate from their visitor visa application fee.

Step 5: Completing Exams and Checks

Canadian immigration services will then assess the application and notify the visitor if they need to complete any additional exams or checks. This could be:

  • An interview with Canadian officials.
  • Completing a medical exam.
  • Obtaining a police certificate.

Step 6: Approval

If the Visitor Visa application is approved, the visitor will receive a decision letter from Canadian immigration services and a letter on how to submit their passport.

Applicants that applied via the paper-based process will receive their passport containing their approved visa inside.

Why Choose Us?

Prospective visitors that wish to apply for a visitor visa as quickly as possible should get in touch with us. Please contact us to learn more about this visitor visa for Canada and how to apply.

Our difference is that our principal Immigration Consultant, founder of Stein & Lovich Associates Inc., Lilia Merkoulovitch, always personally assesses each case and personally communicates with each client and no application ever gets submitted to the Canadian Immigration Office without her thorough review.